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At Esha Dental Care, we are committed to providing exceptional dental care to our patients. Our founder, Dr. Revathi, is a highly experienced dental surgeon with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree and an MBA in hospital management. With nine years of experience, Dr. Revathi specializes in root canal treatments and has helped countless patients restore their dental health and regain their confidence.

Esha Dental Care is the top dental clinic in Karaikudi. We provides a truly unique experience in dental care, by deploying the most technically advanced systems and the best customer service Read More..

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Our Treatments

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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is an often straightforward procedure to relieve dental pain and save your teeth.
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Dental Implant

Dental implants are easily the most popular and also the ideal solution, for replacing your missing tooth/teeth.
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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

This treatment is recommended for patients who have multiple oral health problems affecting their teeth, mouth, gums, & jaw.
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Paediatric Dentistry

We provide answers to your child’s dental health needs by nurturing good habits from the very start.
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Teeth Scaling

Scaling is professional cleaning that involves the use of a specialized machines called ultrasonic scalar to loosen plaque and tartar without damaging your teeth and gums.

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Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin porcelain shells that are placed on the front of your tooth. Esha Dental Care can correct these problems with our veneers treatment in VOC road, Karaikudi.

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Impaction/ Oral Surgery

Esha Dental has a team of Oral Surgeons to deal with all your surgical needs, be it extractions of teeth, removal of impacted wisdom teeth, placement of Dental Implants and removal of cysts or other pathology.

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Safety Assured

At Esha Dental Care, we utilize the latest in dental techniques and technology to make your dental visits painless and comfortable.

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Quality being the core value of the organization, the dedicated Quality Team at Clove Dental specially assigned ensures the clinics provide the highest.
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Safety Equipment

Esha Dental now has extensive PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for all Dentists and Dental Assistants.
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Latest Technology

Esha's modern clinics offer the very latest advantages in dental technology and equipment. Esha doctors are continually trained.

Having healthy teeth is essential because you cannot compromise your smile, which not only beautifies your look but also boosts your confidence and improves your oral health.

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Dental Care In Karaikudi


  • Efficient and safe dental care
  • Standardisation of dental services
  • Upgradation of technical skills
  • Quality treatments in affordable fee
  • Upgradation of technical skills
  • Sufficient infrastructure
  • Having well equipped own hospital with sufficient staffs and patients

Esha Dental Care

We committed to providing world-class dental treatments at an affordable cost.